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Call For Submissions: What’s Your Homesick Toast?

Wow! I am overwhelmed and so excited by the response to my post about the toast I make when I’m feeling homesick for Australia. Thank you all so much for your comments, it was great to meet you all!

Some of your comments got me thinking: what do you put on a piece of bread when you’re away and feeling nostalgic for the taste of home?

Kimberly said she relies on peanut butter and jam, because it reminds her of her mum in Canada. Marmalade on toast is a taste of home for travelling Pom Wordswithnannaprawn.

Do you New Yorkers get a hankering for a Reuben?

Do Mexicans crave a warm tortilla with melted queso?

Are the English all hankering for marmalade or is Marmite your go-to spread?

Here’s an idea – let’s share our homesick toasts so we can all get a taste of home from different parts of the world. 

Simply share:

Send it to, or tweet @ameeliah, and I’ll curate the entries and post them next Friday (6th July).

Submissions have now closed. See the homesick toasts here, and contribute in the comments if you’d like to add yours.

I look forward to traveling the world via your toasts (if you’re game…)!

Thanks again for stopping by,


(Perhaps Americans could get some inspiration from this cute idea for a blog – a sandwich for each state.)